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Meet Patricia Hall the home owner of 1026 N Beckley. Mrs. Hall was only 11 years old in 1963 go back in time and here her memories that only she can tell. 

Listen as she relates what happened that fatal day in Dallas, her story of November 22nd will give you chills,.


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Oswald's Room  

Lee Harvey Oswald rented a room there in 1963, until he was accused of killing President John F. Kennedy and Dallas police Officer J.D. Tippit.

Pat Hall’s family has lived there for over 70 years. Now, she hopes to share her families past with the world, hear her stories and her passion for the truth. 

This 1hr 30min bus tour lets your relive JFK's last few minutes on earth. Follow Lee Harvey Oswald's footsteps as he arrived at his rooming house that he called home enter and see his actual room. 

Follow his journey from the school book depository to his capture and visit all the related sites to the assassination of president John F Kennedy. 

Rooming House Museum