Rooming House Museum 

  • Location: 1026 N Beckley , Dallas Texas 
  • Square Ft: 2400 
  • Purchased: 1940 
  • Rooms: 18 bedrooms in 1952
  • Housekeepers: 3 
  • Basement: 5 bedrooms 1 bath 
  • Back House: 8 bedrooms 2 bath 
  • Oswald's Room : 300sq ft
  • Windows in Room: 4 full size 
  • Furniture in Room: bed, end table, closet

Our Museum Tours 

The Family in 1963

Gladys Johnson 

Was an entrepreneur before women of her era even taught about business. By 1963 she ran and owned a cafe in downtown Dallas as well she dabbled in real estate. She became a part of American history as she was the one that rented the room to Lee Harvey Oswald at the time of JFK's assassination.        

Patricia Hall  

I was 11 years old in 1963 an impressionable little girl that was caught in one of Americas most historical events. Over the years I realized that there was much more to this story than the world knew. This house is my inheritance an legacy I am determined to honor the history of my family. 

"Truth must win out"

Private Home Museum Tour 

1 hour tour $20 per 

Ask all the questions you want sit down and discuss the event with the home owner Pat Hall. 

Contact : 469-261-7806

Our Museum 

Presidential Limo 

Ride along with history visit all the related JFK sites including Oswald's Museum home. 

$65 2hr Limo Tour

Pat Hall 

And author Gayle Nix Jackson 

available for book signing

Combo Tours 

1hr 30min tour visit all the related site to the assassination , ride around Dallas in a tour bus. Enter Oswald's Museum home. $20 per 

45 minutes Dallas

45 minutes JFK