Combo Tours 

1hr 30min tour visit all the related site to the assassination , ride around Dallas in a tour bus. Enter Oswald's Museum home. $20 per 

45 minutes Dallas

45 minutes JFK 

Presidential Limo 

Ride along with history visit all the related JFK sites including Oswald's Museum home. 

$65 2hr Limo Tour

Private Home Museum Tour 

1 hour tour $20 per 

Ask all the questions you want sit down and discuss the event with the home owner Pat Hall. 

Contact : 469-261-7806

Our Museum 

Our Museum Tours 

Pat Hall 

And author Gayle Nix Jackson 

available for book signing

Patricia Hall  

I was 11 years old in 1963 an impressionable little girl that was caught in one of Americas most historical events. Over the years I realized that there was much more to this story than the world knew. This house is my inheritance an legacy I am determined to honor the history of my family. 

"Truth must win out"

Gladys Johnson 

Was an entrepreneur before women of her era even taught about business. By 1963 she ran and owned a cafe in downtown Dallas as well she dabbled in real estate. She became a part of American history as she was the one that rented the room to Lee Harvey Oswald at the time of JFK's assassination.        

The Family in 1963

  • Location: 1026 N Beckley , Dallas Texas 
  • Square Ft: 2400 
  • Purchased: 1940 
  • Rooms: 18 bedrooms in 1952
  • Housekeepers: 3 
  • Basement: 5 bedrooms 1 bath 
  • Back House: 8 bedrooms 2 bath 
  • Oswald's Room : 300sq ft
  • Windows in Room: 4 full size 
  • Furniture in Room: bed, end table, closet

Rooming House Museum